Free Low Poly Style Game Ready Assets

A while ago I created all these assets for a game, which did not work out as I expected, so giving all the assets away for free. You can get each of the individual models from my models page.

The models were supposed to be a rip off of the marvel characters(in case you are wondering). Dont want to infringe any copyrights and this is as much a fan art as anything else, I tried to achieve the likeness of the classic civil war characters as low poly models for the game. The game however did not turn out to be as good as expected so I stopped production. But that wouldn’t stop me from sharing those assets with you.

A special thanks to Henry Schrader for writing those witty character bios I could use. The game was supposed to be a marvel rip off, but you helped me write these cool descriptions which really added a layer to the game.

In case you are wondering how I managed to pose them, I used mixamo to rig the models and used the free animations available in them. I cannot share the mixamo rigs, so I removed them, but you can rig them with autorig from their website. It is free, and you can always rerig small details in your software, so give it a try.

You are free to use the models however you like. Credit me if you can.

Barberic War Low Poly Game Assets by Doctor Jana on Sketchfab

If you want to download them, open the models in sketchfab by clicking on the title of the model and there will be a download option for you below the model. Cheers!

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