About Doctor Jana

Hello There, I am Dr.Jana

Main goal of this website is to provide high quality medical animations and images, in high resolutions and 100% free for everyone. You are free to copy, reproduce, sell or use the images in your publications. All the images are licensed under CC-SA. There is no need for attribution. All the best for your works.

Each image will be released as a blog post, along with some of my insights about that image or topic. I swore an oath to minimize the medical terminology that will be used in my posts so that the posts become more palatable and have a non-textbook feel to them. Looking forward to write some cool articles soon. All the articles I am writing are for educational purpose only and reader’s discretion is adviced. In other words, please don’t sue me, I am just trying to help.

My other project is to make interactive anatomy applications like this one. Check it out, its pretty cool. Its still a work in progress though… so dont bite me.

However, if you want to help me continue doing this projects, you can always support me on patreon.

Future Goals:

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