The Cervical Vertebrae

Creating more stuff

More experiments with CT data. This time I created a few images showing the cervical vertebrae and rendered them in a retro style. I hope you guys like it! These images, just like all other images on this website are under creative commons so please feel free to share them however you like. Have a nice day! Cervical Vertebrae

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Old Textbook Style Animated Heart

A homage to the good old beautiful medical illustrations

I really used to love the old drawings in my gray’s anatomy. Whenever I look at the very old books, I felt that the illustrations though colorless were not really lifeless. Though they could be confusing some times,owing to their intricacy, there is a particular beauty to them which I am sure you might have observed at some point when you were studying.

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Yet another ugly animation[Devlog03]

Rick and Morty Fan art

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