The Cervical Vertebrae

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More experiments with CT data. This time I created a few images showing the cervical vertebrae and rendered them in a retro style. I hope you guys like it! These images, just like all other images on this website are under creative commons so please feel free to share them however you like. Have a nice day! Cervical Vertebrae

There are 7 Cervical vertebrae

Cervical Vertebrae

The atlas, C1, is the topmost vertebra, and along with the axis; forms the joint connecting the skull and spine. Its chief peculiarity is that it has no body, and this is due to the fact that the body of the atlas has fused with that of the axis.

Cervical Vertebrae

The axis, C2, forms the pivot on which the atlas rotates. The most distinctive characteristic of this bone is the strong odontoid process (dens) that rises perpendicularly from the upper surface of the body. The body is deeper in front than behind, and prolonged downward anteriorly so as to overlap the upper and front part of the third vertebra.

Cervical Vertebrae

The vertebra prominens, or C7, has a distinctive long and prominent spinous process, which is palpable from the skin surface.

Cervical Vertebrae

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