Scapula 3d Anatomy

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Scapula 3d Anatomy

Anatomy of Scapula

This large piece of triangular bone is called the Scapula or shoulder blade or wing bone and it connects the clavicle with the upper arm.


Scapula has three borders and two basic surfaces. The three borders are: Medial, Lateral and Superior borders. The two surfaces are the anterior or the costal surface and the posterior or the dorsal surface.

Anatomy description of scapula

Important structures to look out for in the scapula

  • The Superior Angle
  • Acromion
  • Coracoid Process
  • Glenoid Cavity
  • Infraglenoid Tubercle
  • Posterior Surface
  • Inferior Angle
  • Spine of Scapula
  • Infraspinous fosssa
  • Supraspinous fossa
  • Inferior Angle
  • Medial border
  • Scapular Notch
  • Anterior Surface

Current work

Anatomy description of scapula

As you can see the list I wrote above is not in a very particular memorable order, because this isn’t a final image. It is just a test render I made to see if the system I adopted to teach anatomy videos is working. I am using blender 2.8 grease pencil to write over the 3d models and annotate the models so that students can understand what they are looking at. I know this could use a lot of improvements, especially my hand writing, but I feel this is good progress. I will keep you guys updated with the progress now and then. As usual, thank you very much for reading my posts. You all have a wonderful day!

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