What is Skele(BETA)?

Last few days, I have been working with three.js to create an application to view anatomy models online. There however are a large number of sites, which already have such options, but not many of them are available for viewing on mobile phones, so I basically made one.

So yeah, skele is a cross platform, web browser based 3d application to view anatomy models. For now, I have made just the skeletal system, from the model which was available for free in the zbrush tools option, courtesy of Ryan Kingslein.

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Skele is a cross platform, web browser based 3d application to view anatomy models.

The Workflow

Once I understood the basics of three.js, I wanted to create an application to view 3d models, but the problem was 3d models are usually large in size, especially when you want to send them to your mobile users. So I was looking for a method to compress these models, that is when I found out about OpenCTM format. I was shocked at the compression this format can achieve, and luckily for me, three.js allows OpenCTM format to be loaded into the scene, making it easier to load on mobile devices.

So I have split the 3d model and named them appropriately and converted them to .ctm format and loaded it into my scene. Now, thanks to wikipedia.js, I wrote a small script to access the wikipedia, to fetch the summary and the title image from the wikipedia source whenever the user clicks on a particular part of the skeleton.


Web Browser

Program should work fine on all the browsers which support webGL.

  • Click with the mouse, anywhere except on the model, and drag to orbit around the model.
  • Click on a part of the model to highlight it and to get more information about it.
  • Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and zoom out on the selected part.
  • Support me on patreon for further updates.

Mobile Browser

I recommend chrome browser to view on mobile phone, as I have tested it and it works fine. It should work on other popular mobile browsers, (does not work on UC Browser or Opera mini though).

  • Swipe with one finger- left or right or top or bottom to rotate around the model.
  • Tap on a part of the skeleton to view information about it.
  • Pinch with two fingers to zoom in or zoom out on a selected part.
  • Support me on patreon for further updates.

Future Goals

  • Add all the muscles.
  • Add ligaments.
  • Add internal structures.

Try Skele(BETA) NOW!

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