Anatomy of Clavicle

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Anatomy of Clavicle

Hi Everyone. I have finally published my first youtube video on the anatomy of the clavicle bone in 3d. I am working on more such educational videos in 3d.

Here is the link for the video: Clavicle Anatomy in 3d

There are also a few images which I generated while making the video which will be uploaded on wikimedia commons with creative commons license so that it helps the community.

I will also try to upload the models on sketchfab and see if any of them gets sold.

Here are the images which were generated. Acromion Process Brachial Plexus Clavicle Coraco Clavicular Ligament Deltoid DeltoPectoralTriangle Pectoralis Major Sterno cleido mastoid SternoHyoid Subclavius Trapezius