Ribcage with spine and humerii

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Ribcage with spine and humerii

Hello everyone I just want to share the progress of the rib cage model. I uploaded it on Sketchfab and here is the link.

I also made render the same model using eevee. I hope you guys like it. Thoracic cage with humerii eevee render

You can use the image through cc license as I uploaded it on Wikimedia commons too. You can see all my creative commons uploads here.

Facebook Page

Then I also wanted to experiment with the 3d photo offered by facebook. So I created a page on facebook titled Anatomy by Doc Jana and created this post. I hope you can see the subtle parallax.

Please do like the page on facebook. I will get into instagram and twitter once I create a niche of anatomy content. Cheers!


Past couple of days flooded the city but fortunately my area wasn’t effected much. My condolences to all those people who lost their homes, furniture and valuables like my mother in law. I brought my in-laws into my home and they are safe now. But the lost alot of furniture, electronics, money and gold due to the floods. I pray that this suffering would end soon.


I changed my Patreon to be a monthly billing program instead of per post. Hopefully someone recognises my work and would be willing to be a patron.

Let me know your views. Thanks and peace!

Thoracic cage with humerii eevee render