Procrastinating with tablet[Devlog02]

Wishing you a Very Squanchy New Year

I’ve been playing with the new tablet I bought for the past couple of weeks. I didn’t know why I didnt buy it before, it is a life saver. If you are thinking to do animation, the first thing on your to buy list is a tablet. Mouse can never beat a tablet.

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Releasing Low Poly Game Assets

Free Game Ready Low Poly Styled Models to download

I used to work for a game about an year ago, I used to model 3d models based on the ideas they had. I was a part of that gamedev community, but unfortunately due to differences with the concept artists, I had to leave the group.

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Animated Heart Model [Devlog01]

Cardiac Cycle

Hi, so I am back at writing stuff on the website again. I really wanted to do something quick, so I just used my heart model to render out a beating animation. Now I was pretty sure that the timing is pretty accurate, but no one can understand what the hell is happening especially when there are so many parameters involved. So instead of labelling the parts on an animated model, which I am sure would confuse more and lose elegance. So I thought it would be better if we can add a wigger’s diagram beside it so that people can atleast understand what the hell they are looking at.

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