Open Anatomy Project and Devlog Resolution

I am back!

Okay, its been a while that I have posted anything on the site, but to be honest, I have either been busy with my stuff that I couldn’t post anything or just felt lazy and didn’t feel like posting any new content. Even though I created a few models, I havent updated them on the site due to that. Now, since I have got some time to spend on the website and develop more free art, I really think I should use the website as a Devlog and log every project I do on this website.

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Skele(BETA) - A 3d approach to anatomy

What is Skele(BETA)?

Last few days, I have been working with three.js to create an application to view anatomy models online. There however are a large number of sites, which already have such options, but not many of them are available for viewing on mobile phones, so I basically made one.

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Your heart beats for you.

A Beating Heart

From the movement you were born, your heart keeps on beating, pumping gallons of blood through it so that all the tissues in the body can get fresh nutrients and get rid of those old, used toxic products from them.

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