Another new beginning

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Another new beginning

A Merry anouncement!

Lot of things have changed in the past few months. Due to my age-old passion of making 3d art, after a lot of thinking, I ended up with the decision that teaching anatomy to the students is the best option for me. So after a long gap of attending college, I joined as a post graduate in the department of anatomy in the prestigious Osmania Medical College. It has been 2 and a half months in my journey into the course of MD anatomy and I have started seeing anatomy in a more deeper perspective. I started noticing the tiny mistakes I made in the previous models. I still have a long journey to go and I would love to keep track of whatever is happening with my life through this weblog.

The Shift

Transit was difficult for me especially with the whole corona pandemic thing. I commuted the first month and then I relocated close to my new college. A hell lot of time was spend in starting a new home, but now everyone is set, I can focus at the task at hand. To make as many medical models in 3d as possible while learning anatomy.

Update on the osteology project

Till now I have completed the skeletal models of the upper limb, thoracic cage and spinal cord. I also started modeling the lower limb skeleton but then I realised it would be a better option to finish off the entire anatomy of the upper limb. Now that I have the skeletal frame work, I just need to create the cartilages, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, fascia and skin. I am excited to create more 3d models and release an Atlas of anatomy with the images to be freely used by everyone via Wikimedia commons.

Current study

Right now I am studying histology a colorful domain of anatomy dealing with the microscopic structure of human tissues. I am planning to create content related to histology also, let us see how that will pan up.

Gone mobile!

Till today I was solely dependent on writing content only through my desktop PC and though it was powerful solution, I needed alone time, lack of distraction and energy to write an article in this website. Most of the time I just commented on other models or just kept it to myself instead of writing it here. However now I am shifting to a mobile based approach on updating the site. This way I can easily document my day to day updates on the go!


In order to sustain this endeavour, I am planning to relaunch my Patreon with a monthly package. That way I can keep on creating useful medical content with the help of Patreon. Kindly support me on patreon for creating something beautiful.