What’s next?

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What's next?

Future plans about the projects

One thing I noticed in the past is the ratio of completed to started projects I ever did. Unless it was for someone else, I ditched most of the projects I created. Back then I was scared what people would think about my half completed projects. I rarely shared WIP to others for feedback. But I would like to change this. I want to complete the projects I start and keep on creating more and more 3d art. I love working on unique projects and there is always something to learn. It is probably the learning process that I wanted in the first place. That’s probably the reason why I usually abandon projects when the become routine tasks rather than fun activity.

Getting married

I recently got married and that drastically changed the way I work. I also joined as a resident in a medical college so my time with my PC got constrained. I need to spend most of the time in the college. I get time for occasional messaging or writing this blog post but I can’t work on my computer which is a bummer. But I also consider it as a blessing in disguise as this gives me distraction free study time. I always struggled to study in front of my PC. 10 minutes into the study and I get some crazy idea and I get back to PC and spend the entire day on that stupid project. Anyhow, after getting back to home, I will have to spend time with my newly wed wife. It is a bit hectic but I am working on someway to allot time to my passion. May be this is the reason why some great artists were never into the whole marriage thing. But then again, I don’t want to be great. I want to be human. I want to enjoy the little things in life along with the big things.

Social media

I think it is important in this digital era that every aspiring artist needs to have a good online presence. May it be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. I am an old generation guy. Atleast mentally I am. I am not good at understanding Twitter or Instagram but I think I know YouTube. So I think it would be a better place to start my online presence. I already own a channel on YouTube but I haven’t uploaded any video in a long long time. May be I should start teaching subject to students online on YouTube. My skills of 3d modelling (and terrible editing) might attract some viewership and it is definitely something I will look forward too.


As I mentioned in the yesterday’s post, I will change the membership to a monthly payment than a per post payment. That way I will not have the incentive of creating low quality assets. Instead that would force me to create content that makes my patrons feel that I made something worth their money every month.


You might be wondering why I am rambling about future plans but this is what this blog is going to be about. The posts are a reminder to my future self so that I can see how my thought process was when I was younger. I will update you with more content soon.