Open Anatomy Project and Devlog Resolution

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Open Anatomy Project and Devlog Resolution

I am back!

Okay, its been a while that I have posted anything on the site, but to be honest, I have either been busy with my stuff that I couldn’t post anything or just felt lazy and didn’t feel like posting any new content. Even though I created a few models, I havent updated them on the site due to that. Now, since I have got some time to spend on the website and develop more free art, I really think I should use the website as a Devlog and log every project I do on this website.

Open Anatomy Project

The most important project I want to work on is to create a free anatomy application, which provides highly detailed anatomy models. Now, I know that there are a lot of applications available already. The usual way those apps work is they keep the simple atlas for free, but if you want to see additional movements or animations, they charge you. Now my idea is to keep it for free. I call it as Open Anatomy Project. Now, if there is anything I’ve learnt from my past experiences, I really need to use a version control system.

So I am going to store each and every model with a v1.0 once created. I will keep on updating the versions as I go ahead. Now the idea is to incorporate as much as text into image data or 3d model as possible, so in the end each model will have more than one image. All the images/videos/gifs I post on the site(as well as upload on wikipedia) will be under creative commons. I will frequently keep on updating the models from the user suggestions, that way the models keep on improving.

My biggest hurdle

When I look back this year, the biggest hurdle I faced is though I am ready to accept the fact that I am not the most talented artist, I do tend to feel shy about some of the models I created so I destroy them in the end. The fact is not every painting a painter paints will be equally beatiful. Similarly not all the models I create are not equally good. It requires the right time, right mood and right effort to create a masterpiece. The rest of it will just depend on how much you practise in the rest of the time. If I look back at the models I create a few years back, I feel some are not as good as I thought them to be, some are not bad as I remember. So my biggest resolution now is to upload each and every animation I create, no matter how freaky or uncanny or unpolished it looks. They can slowly be improved with time.

So here is an example of a very bad render I created: Free Medical Stuff: Bad CG

I know it doesn’t look good, I know it will be lost in the scary low resolution 3d renderings, but my I will not let it hold me back anymore. I will keep on posting images regularly, even though they are not perfect. Hope I can improve them in the future from your suggestions.

Future Goals

There are few important goals I want to work on next.

  • Firstly I need to create the entire human body in 3d, which includes all the systems. I will create them in the highest resolution possible, I will not consider optimization in this step and my main goal will be to produce the entire human body starting from the bone to skin.
  • Open Anatomy Project - A free 3d anatomy atlas having all the parts of the body. Firstly I will release it for PC users, followed by highly optimized mobile version, which will also be for free.
  • One important step I would like to do is to contribute content to wikipedia, so that the old(but very accurate) black and white Grey’s anatomy files are replaced by better looking(hopefully) and equally accurate 3d versions.
  • Devlog: I think the most important step here is to maintain the log, so that I can understand my progress. The goal I set up for myself is, once I create a specific model, I update the site. No ifs and buts. Period.

Hoping for the best. Have a good day!