Neuro Muscular Junction - Go wireless.

Neuro Muscular Junction

For one moment, if you think of nerves as long, thin wires, then by stretching the metaphor, a neuro muscular junction can be considered as the latest wireless technology. Its like a wifi router, which converts the wired signal into wireless ones so that your phone or laptop in which you are reading this article can understand that.

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Saltatory Conduction - Lets jump the signal.

Saltatory Conduction

Not all neurons are created equal. Some neurons are fast and some are not so. The speed of a neuron is very important in a an evolutionary point of view, because when a lion is trying to hunt you down, you better think fast and run fast. So some neurons are covered by a sheath. The Schwann cells form this sheath and they help in fast conduction of impulses across the nerve.

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Neurons - The crazy wires in our body.

Neuron or Nerve cell

Neurons are specialized cells which transmit impulses throughout the body. They are like wires within the body, which form a network - The Nervous system. The brain, the ganglia within the brain, the spinal cord, all the nerves in the body are all formed from individual nerve cells. They not only respond to touch, sound, light, pain, temperature and other stimuli, they also control various outputs from the body.

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