Thesis Project

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Thesis Project


Due to the entire covid thing going on, I have to change my thesis to something which does not involve much physical contact with other hospitals or other colleagues, this led me to rethink on my choices about my thesis project, which I mentioned in my previous post. After suggestions from my head of the department of anatomy, Dr. Aparna Vedapriya I changed my thesis topic to something which is easier to work with.

Dried bones was the easiest and most feasible with the whole covid thingy. No one is sure when this Covid is going to go away but I didn’t want to take any risk here.

So I shifted my topic from brachial artery to a topic on bone. Now since bones are in demand and there are only 206 bones and most of the bones were taken by my seniors and we were left with a very few bones.

I finally took calcaneum and I will be studying the talar articular facets over calcaneum in as many dried calcaneal bones as possible. I really want to make a study that has an impact on the society. The findings of this study could help us understand more about the talocalcaneal joint stability and the measurements would help in creation of foot prostheses.

I just found out that multiple prosthesis are called prostheses btw.

Ligaments of Shoulder Joint

On the modelling part, I have uploaded the ligaments of humerus on Sketchfab. You can see the model below.

Social media

I have rebranded the current YouTube channel and created a facebook page to share my art.


I am also doing a bit of Photogrammetry work on dry bones too. If I can achieve some good results, I will go ahead and try to extend these to other parts of the body I can get my hands on.


We have also starter dissecting a female body in our department. We did the pectoral region and entered the axilla. We also have histology classes going on for the second time. But I don’t mind listening again as when it comes to anatomy the more the merrier for me.

I will keep you guys posted. You guys have a great day.