Working on cartilages

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Working on cartilages


Since I finished modeling the upper limb bones, I thought it would be a good idea to create 3d models which show the upper limb in a greater detail. I will gradually add more and more structures like cartilages, ligaments, muscles and their tendons, blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics to it. As a step in the direction of this journey, I wanted to show you the model of humerus I made.

Wikimedia and Sketchfab

So one idea I have is to make the models with such a level of detail that I can easily take screenshots and upload them to Wikimedia commons with minimal editing. Then give a link to the Sketchfab model on the Wikimedia page so that they can easily look the model in 3d if needed.

Thesis project

For my MD course in anatomy I have to decide a field of research for my dissertation. These are the dissertation topics I have selected for my thesis.

  1. A Study of brachial artery, its branching pattern and variations with clinical applications
  2. Study of morphology of kidney in hundred specimens
  3. A study of circle of willis with its variations and its clinical correlations
  4. The study of the origin and branching pattern of the popliteal artery pertaining to popliteal fossa and its clinical significance
  5. A Study of Sciatic Nerve and Its Variations with its Clinical Significance

Of these 5 contenders I think I will end up doing the study on Brachial artery since it is my favorite one among the list. There are also a lot of clinical applications which I will dwell deep into. But it is still tentative as I will have to get the go ahead from my seniors and faculty.

Future updates

I am working on the cartilages of upper limb actively so I will be uploading more images soon. I will keep you guys posted with the updates here. Thanks for reading.