Releasing Low Poly Game Assets

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Releasing Low Poly Game Assets

Free Game Ready Low Poly Styled Models to download

I used to work for a game about an year ago, I used to model 3d models based on the ideas they had. I was a part of that gamedev community, but unfortunately due to differences with the concept artists, I had to leave the group.

Again unfortunately it turns out that the production of the game has stopped. So I am releasing those models so that they may be useful for someone else.

I am really interested in gamedev but the main problem is the income and the chances of failure are pretty high. However I love the part that it involves such a challenging skillset requirement to create games.

Free Low Poly Game Ready Assets

Link to free low poly game ready assets(on sketchfab)

Really free?

Well I cannot say that the models are completely free because they were thought by someone else so the idea behind the model is by someone else, who I did not get a chance to meet befor(thanks to the gamedev mods in that community).

Anyhow the models are free as a model point of view, in the sense I give complete rights for you to use them in any way you like, but you cannot use the name of the model anywhere because it is not mine to begin with. So just come up with your own idea of the concept and name for them instead of using the same. That is the only requirement I ask from you before you download the model.

Update: I’ve contacted the company I worked with to produce these models, they responded positively on releasing the models for free, so you are free to do whatever you want with the assets.

How Many Models

There are 32 models for you to download. There are a few vegetations which will have multiple models.

I’ve created the alien animations with a mixamo rig, the rigs are pretty easy to setup. You really should give it a try.

Here is the link.

However there are a few restrictions on reselling the rigs, so let me know if you have any queries regarding that in the comments below.

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